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With 20 years of experience in media and publishing, our passion for storytelling has evolved. We are now exclusively serving the commercial real estate industry with public relations, marketing and branding expertise. Let us help tell your story.


Mandy Purcell

Mandy Purcell has over 25 years of experience in the commercial real estate publishing and media industry. Her reputation in the industry, as well as the connections and relationships she has maintained since her start in the business, are invaluable.


Purcell graduated from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University. She worked for several real estate publications before deciding to break away and start her own. Purcell started Commercial Executive Magazine in the depths of the Great Recession. Her publication is highly regarded in the industry for its unique and personal window into the world of commercial real estate. Purcell’s publication has outlasted the ups and downs of the market through her own perseverance and business savvy entrepreneurialism.


Purcell started MPmedia in 2007, during the same time she was getting her publications off the ground. MPmedia started as an integrated communications consulting business and has evolved into an exclusive branding and public relations media company serving the commercial real estate industry.


Purcell was adopted from South Korea at the age of 7, not knowing a word of English. She has proven she can overcome obstacles and because of her childhood, has a passion for philanthropy. She is applauded for her work in achieving record-breaking fundraising and respected for her commitment to the community. When she’s not running her businesses and fundraising in the community, she enjoys traveling and spending time with her two children, Thomas and Julia.


The art of storytelling has been passed down from generation to generation for more than 40,000 years. From ancient cave paintings to social media, storytelling’s basic function hasn’t changed, but the delivery system has evolved dramatically, faster than ever.


Our company’s leader, Mandy Purcell, represents the third generation of public relations and marketing experts dating back to the 1950s when her grandmother pioneered the process of telemarketing. Purcell’s grandmother passed down her knowledge of storytelling, which Purcell has perfected and utilized in the ever-changing media world. 


People won’t remember the things you say or do. They only remember how it made them feel. With over two decades of experience, MPmedia establishes authentic brand stories for our clients.


Choose the way the world sees you.

Karen Gallagher

Managing Director

Our Small Yet Incredible Team

It takes a talented team to change the world around them with simply words and images. Karen, Celina and Janko each bring their own unique insight into the world of commercial real estate marketing.

janko katic

Creative Director

Celina Busse

Public Relations Director


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